Mike is heading west and making amazing time. He has covered 1,400 miles in two days and spent last night somewhere in Missouri. My counsel for day three, which is also football Sunday, is to shut down early, find a decent hotel and catch some NFL games for the back half of the day. It's the season home opener for the Pats against the Dolphins and while we won't be able to watch it together, there is something satisfying knowing we are both watching at the same time, even from geographically diverse locations. 

I was really nervous about him driving cross country alone so I bought this thing called Automatic which lets me see where the car is and more importantly, it will send me an alert if he is in an accident. It's been awesome because I've been able to track him as he moves across the country. Just need to remember to turn off the alerts when we are home because it could be considered a great tool for stalking a loved one. 

I'm finalizing things here back at the house - getting the final things for the dogs in place, plants all moved inside in case we get a cold snap (thanks Nelson for the help!), Charlie's medication refill sorted, emergency numbers for my mom and Nelson in case something goes wrong... I'm not superstitious but we could really use a vacation without a plumbing problem.