Based in quincy, Massachusetts, this 50+ is wondering what's next and how best to get there


Our last day was a blur of driving and sort of coming to the realization that this amazing vacation was at an end. I'm writing this post a few days in to our return, I'm back at work and lots of people have asked - how was it? So here is my best summary... 

First of all, I definitely married the right guy. This sort of a trip either results in someone being buried in the desert and someone returning solo, or it is an epic trip with your best friend. Thankfully it was the latter. And while we both had to acknowledge that we can be control freaks (him more than me obviously), we got along beautifully and really enjoyed the adventure. Thank you Michael for being a great husband. 

Second, we live in an amazingly beautiful and diverse country. Of course we knew this already, but experiencing it in the slow unfolding of days was a real pleasure, and it was especially great because we got to do it together. 

Third, we aren't sure exactly how well traveling with all three dogs in the camper is going to be. Two Westies? Sure, that will be fine. One Charlie? Hm... not so sure there is enough room, but we will give it a shot and you can find out how that went in a future post! 


Monticello, Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg