Based in quincy, Massachusetts, this 50+ is wondering what's next and how best to get there

Monticello, Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg

Mike and I had both been looking forward to visiting Monticello and it didn't disappoint. Absolutely beautiful and the house tour was fantastic. We spent a bit longer than we had planned but that was fine as we were planning to just drive through Harpers Ferry and then head up to Gettysburg. Harpers Ferry had a really historic feel to it - great job at preservation and it's definitely a place we want to visit again. 

From there it was a couple of hours up to our campsite at Artillery Ridge in Gettysburg. Awesome location - think it is actually a part of the national battlefield. The camper next to ours was owned by some really nice people from Maine - they'd been on the road for 2 months, so they made us look like a couple of lightweights. They own a small camper and were a little shocked to see that ours was even smaller, but there is a sort of camaraderie among camper owners so had a great chat and heard about their trip. Mike and I headed in to town for a nice dinner, came back for a walk around the campground and turned in early... 

The second day was great - we had been to Gettysburg a few years back and had bought a 3 CD set that gave you an audio tour of the battlefield. Managed to do all three discs, ran into our new friends from Maine a few times, and finished with enough time in the day for me to get a massage. :) 

Sort of sad that this amazing trip is coming to an end, but we've been spending a lot of time talking about missing the dogs these last few days, so we are ready to be home. 



Schlepping through Kentucky, Back to TN and into VA