Based in quincy, Massachusetts, this 50+ is wondering what's next and how best to get there

Schlepping through Kentucky, Back to TN and into VA

So this was a day of driving... and then some more driving. And since there was so much driving, we figured we were due a special night in a hotel. Landed at the Natural Bridge Hotel in Virginia around 5 pm but to be honest, we didn't even go to the Natural Bridge. Huge deal around here, but after driving through Monument Valley, we figured we'd seen enough very large rock formations. 

Hotel had a decent dining room and made a new friend. Guy walked by wearing a soccer t-shirt so of course Mike asked him about it. Spent some time at our table, talked sports and he described his job as - working for a non-profit focused on peace... the US Army. 


Monticello, Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg

Fort Donelson, Face Lift Fridays and Cumberland Falls