Based in quincy, Massachusetts, this 50+ is wondering what's next and how best to get there

Booking It Across Texas and Oklahoma

Long day of driving but got in a couple of good diversionary stops - one at Cadillac Ranch and the other at the Rte 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma. Got into the KOA on the far side of Oklahoma pretty late. Classic serial killer territory. No lights on this rural road off the highway. No one at the office when we got there.... But we were so tired after the day's drive that we figured to hell with it - we were either about to have the worst or best sleep of our lives. 

While there was no serial killer at the KOA (yay!) we were not parked level and I've borked my back (not yay). Hopefully it will improve... 

Family and A Winery Stay

Detour To Roswell