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Family and A Winery Stay

Got a real treat today when we were able to have lunch in Little Rock with my niece, nephew and their kids plus a friend. Great little brew house, excellent food (those cheese fries!) and was really great to catch up. Now we just need to convince them to move to Massachusetts...

Long day of driving, but we covered a lot of ground. Left Oklahoma in the morning and were half way through our intended route in Tennessee when we landed at the Crown Winery in Humboldt. There was a wedding on, so when Mike went up to make sure we were parking in the right place he had a chance to not only do a tasting (and buy three bottles) but also got to congratulate the happy couple. Frankly, their DJ was smoking and I thought for a brief moment I might get my recalcitrant husband to dance with me in the dark outside the camper, but he was having none of it. 

On a VERY strong positive note, we used the propane stove top and ate dinner in the camper, as God intended. But honestly, the lack of planning meant another night of sausage and mushrooms, so we are going to have to get our act together for the back half of the trip. 


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