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On To Taos Where There Definitely Isn't Any Oxygen

Got off to a VERY strong start today with the change out of the dry flush toilet. Look, I get it. This is not a subject that lends itself to description, but can I just say that this thing is AWESOME! Go check out the youtube video on how to empty the dry flush toilet - it's amazeballs. 

And not only did that go well, but on our drive from Mesa Verde to Taos we hit a Starbucks early (hello my morning mocha) and as we were leaving town, some guy drove along side us and motioned for us to roll down our window because we'd lost a hub cap. And then the guy behind HIM pulled along side and told us it was on the bridge we had just come over. We turned around and there it was. Recovery complete, we hit up a Walmart to buy a portable PROPANE stove to get us through the trip. Mike is understandably excited to set it up. 

The drive to Taos was pretty long, had cows, but was also uneventful. This was the night we got to stay in a hotel and we were booked in to the Hotel La Fonda. Other than there being very little oxygen in Taos, it was great. Hotel was a bit funky and a large part of it was made of the original adobe. Our room looked over the square where there were some nice galleries. And we went to an amazing Mexican place for dinner. And slept in a bed!!!



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