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Fort Donelson, Face Lift Fridays and Cumberland Falls

Given we had our stove top working, today started out with the inaugural use of the kettle and an incredibly beautiful drive through Tennessee and Kentucky. We had a planned stop at Fort Donelson (Civil War site) where we met a lot of people who were very interested in learning more about the camper so ended up spending close to an hour doing a bit of show and tell AND we learned that there are these meet ups that are held all over the country for people who have fiberglass campers. Sounds incredibly nerdy and now we are totally going to have to check it out. Love me a subculture!

Beautiful scenery on the drive and a drive by what I can only describe as the day surgery you absolutely do not want to visit (see pic below). Really do not know what to say about this, other than it is worrying that this would be considered legal. Mike also got to try a Clucker, which sounded like a bad idea as you buy them at gas stations, but ended up being quite tasty - sort of a breakfast sandwich on a biscuit. 

Made it to our campsite right near Cumberland Falls as it was getting into late afternoon. Road was really wind-y and sort of dangerous when you have a super light weight camper. Mike once again did our check in and came out grinning that the girl who checked us in seemed really excited we were there (I can hear it now... I just LOVE your accent Mr. Preston!). Figured since we had the stovetop working, we should finally put on the external bar, just to say we did it. Super simple to set up and we see this being incredibly useful during driveway tailgate parties. 

This was the unfortunate evening when we saw that viral video of the guy who had been mauled by a mother bear and it looked like he was probably going to, at a minimum, lose his right ear. Obviously immediately googled what animals are prevalent in the area and yup, black bears was top of the list. Slept not so soundly... you should have seen us walking to the showers before bedtime in the dark after our campfire cooking and 'smores - practically jogged there and back.

Have to say that Kentucky countryside is absolutely beautiful - would love to come back here. 


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