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That's Not a Kangaroo

Given that the stove is still not working, we hit the Grand Canyon Market this morning for a mocha, a tea and some breakfast food. Hair was a bit of a disaster as no showers close to campsite so opted for the very attractive Patriots hat. Had a MAJOR problem getting the trailer hitched but have it sorted. Am going to do an instructional video for anyone who borrows it since it's a bit fidgety. 

We drove off to Desert View and got our last view of the Grand Canyon. Passed a bunch of signs along the way indicating that there are both moose and what look like mountain lions in the area. Sort of pleased we didn't see these on the way in to the campground... 

Visited Little Colorado River Gorge as we headed out - apparently lots of dangerous animals that can kill you here as well, only more of the pokey, stingy kind vs. the mauling, rip your arm off kind up by the canyon. From there we headed to Horseshoe Point - absolutely stunning views and a terrifying, no guardrail to keep you from falling to your death ledge. Managed to survive the overlook, spent a bunch of time in the parking lot with people who wanted to see the camper and then headed to Lake Powell. 

Have to say that while I have absolutely rocked the trip plan and pre-reservations, my husband was the hero of the day. We had a dry hookup reserved for the night but decided we really wanted a full hookup to leverage the power charge. Our strategy at check in paid off as Mike went in, spoke in that lovely English accent to the elderly woman with the beehive hairdo, and scored us an upgrade. 

Had another great night grilling on the fire, Mike saw a 'kangaroo' which turned out to be a jack rabbit, and watched the night sky which was filled with so many stars, but sadly no UFOs. Maybe tomorrow. 

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