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The Nazgul of Mather Campground

Was rather excited to have captured a picture of the Coleman propane canister, memorializing what shall now be known as 'The Great Propane Incident of 2016'.

We got off to a pretty early start today, no trailer hitch challenges, so we thought we would change our Waze settings to no highways or toll roads. That got interesting fast. Unfortunately, Forest Service 38 Road on Waze isn't an actual road, so it was a good job we had left extra time because we had to back track our way on to 40 where we followed the big, lovely signs directing us to the Grand Canyon. Had two cool stops on the way - one was a classic greasy spoon diner where the locals ate and which did not have anything resembling a proper breakfast tea (Mike asked if they would mind if he got a tea bag from the car which was met with what I can only describe as a look of incredulity) but which did have an amazing selection of omelets on the menu, then a stop for gas with a neighboring store that sold rocks and these very cool folk art metal statues. 

Mather Campground was simple to find, our spot was great and we headed right over to the main viewing area for the canyon. The pictures don't do it justice... I thought Michael was going to take a picture from ever spot on the rim, from every angle. I'm more of a, 'hey, this is cool let's get a picture and keep walking' kind of a tourist and he is more of a crazy, 'let me get just one more picture' kind of a person. We compromised - he has perhaps a few hundred less photos than he would like but I think the thousand he did get will probably cover off our scrap book needs. 

Late afternoon and early evening was getting set up with the camper and where Mike mastered the super simple heater which does in fact use propane. He also figured out how to put up the awning (which is definitely a top feature) - but I would like to point out that if he had moved the camper to face the other direction LIKE I SAID HE SHOULD then we would have had the door open towards the fire pit and it would have been all around a bit more cozy. 

And hey - there are ravens at the Grand Canyon. But these aren't like the ravens we have at home. Two flew down really close to the camp site and you could hear the whoosh whoosh whoosh of their wings flapping. I swear that this is the sound that Peter Jackson used for the sound of the Nazgul flying around Middle Earth. It was a bit freaky. 

Had a great dinner on the campfire again - sausages and mushrooms all fried up in butter - and finished it off with 'smores. I know everyone is curious, so I can confirm that the Grand Canyon market sells Bombay Sapphire gin and when mixed with lemonade makes for a lovely campfire beverage. 

It was at this point that our incredibly sketchy cell service popped back on line for a moment and delivered a text from my mother reading, 'read your email.' Which could be nothing, right? Or it could mean someone has died, or a dog has escaped, or the plumbing in the house exploded. So I had a lovely hour alone at the campfire while Michael drove around trying to find a cell signal. And guess what? That email was a list of all the Google Express purchases that arrived that day... 

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