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Heading to Mesa Verde Or, Is There Any Oxygen Up Here?

Left Lake Powell this morning for what was a pretty long drive to get to Mesa Verde. But man, was the landscape fantastic. We left Page, which is close to our campground, with about a half a tank of gas, thinking that there should be gas stations around since we were on a two lane road. Not so much. We probably had nothing to be nervous about, but we were pretty psyched to pull in to Kaibito for gas. This is all reservation land, so we were pretty much screaming TOURIST as we pulled in to the shop/post office/gas station. People were really nice, wanted to check out the camper, and when the local dogs came over for a bit of fuss they laughed and said they always beg food off of tourists. So apparently we aren't the first people to leave Page without a full tank of gas. 

Monument Valley was AMAZING. Again, pictures don't do it justice. We had lunch on the Navajo Reservation viewing lodge and had our first Indian Fried Bread. That was awesome... Then we hit the road to get to Mesa Verde. Long day driving but we got to the park just before sunset. The drive into the camp area was on wind-y, switch back roads which had me pretty nervous, but we got there just fine. There were 4 or 5 deer near the campsite area as we drove in, so definitely felt like we were camping in a national park. 

And it was COLD last night.


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