Getting Ready.JPG

Here She Is!

We are in the home stretch and we have an in-progress photo of our little beauty. I can't believe it's almost time to leave! 

Key updates to share include:

  • Michael has received permission from my mother to bring my great-grandmother's cast iron skillet with us on the trip
  • The car goes in for a final tune-up with my nephew Robbie (Parker Automotive - try them, very trustworthy) on Monday
  • I bought some pretty amazing enamel-ware which I'm hoping arrives before Mike leaves, otherwise it's going in my carry on to LA
  • I have begun taking recommendations for drink themes for the trip - update here pending

One of the last things on the list is to build our travel play-list. I'm thinking this could be a combination of music and audiobooks/podcasts, perhaps heavily weighted towards weird and wonderful UFOlogy broadcasts.